Borjomi Picnic

Borjomi Picnic
IDS Borjomi Ukraine

April 2016


What is a secret of the perfect picnic? Delicious food, good mood and a very nice place! It is not very difficult to choose the first two ingredients, but the third thing involves permanent problems. Finding a place to enjoy a picnic becomes a really burning question on holidays. The “BORJOMI Picnic” project was conceived as an effective tool for finding outdoor recreation and literally revolutionized the art of planning of such entertainment.
“Borjomi” Picnic Map is the international website dedicated to the selection of picnic places in different cities and countries. The set of criteria for selection includes:
– Picnic facilities;
– Free fishing;
– Wi-Fi;
– Rental of equipment;
– Place for games, etc.
In addition, the site provides the information of reaching the place by car or public transport. Users can also get acquainted with the places and view photos.
Among the technical features of the project:
– Google Maps Javascript API;
– Responsive HTML.

We have done this!

Kristina art director
Nadezhda front-end department lead
Denis art director
Victor technical director
Uliana project manager
Taras project manager
Andrey director of QA department