Kobzar KS

Kobzar KS

April 2016


Kobzar KS is a unique project carried out by order of the mobile operator “Kyivstar” for the 200th anniversary of the birth of T.G. Shevchenko. www.Kobzar.kyivstar.ua – this resource breathed virtual life into the famous Ukrainian poet’s handwriting. The script was created on the basis of the facsimile edition of the manuscript “Try Lita”. The website provides free download for users from around the world.
Main features:
– The possibility to create your own poster, t-shirt and write email with Shevchenko handwriting.
– Users can read a free online copy of the manuscript “Try Lita”, which put new life into Kobzar KS.


During the first two weeks the website was visited by more than 30,000 users who created more than 10,000 prints\t-shirts\letters and shared more than 10 000 pictures in social networks. We received more than 100 positive responses through website feedback form. There were more than 100 publications in online media. And all this happened before the start of the advertising company.


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We have done this!

Andrey senior project manager
Pavel head of interactive department
Andrey front-end development
Denis art director
Ksenya copywriter
Andrey director of QA department