June 2012
Adventa Lowe
Adventa Lowe
Adventa Lowe


Nulkatras website was created by order of the agency Adventa Lowe (idea and design) for a mobile operator Djuice. In 2012 the war hardens between mobile operators. The resonant commercial broadcast “Nulkatras” by Djuice appears on television in support of the new tariff ‘Djuice 5 +0.’ Objective: to carry out digital-campaign in the conditions of limited budget to prove the benefits of tariff and maintain knowledge of it. TVC story was continued in digital as Ukraine’s first interactive quest with massive use of technology “wow-call”. According to the plot, the hero was imprisoned in Nulkatras, and he needed help of a website visitor. When a user entered his phone number, the hero called him from prison and asked for help. Video series on the website and voice call on the phone were synchronized and created the effect of the presence. Next came an interactive telephone dialog between the user of the game and the hero. The user helped the hero to escape from Nulkatras prison, performing various tasks for him.


“Nulkatras” became the most successful campaign of all Djuice digital-activations. Within a limited budget: - campaign coverage was 3,164,000 people; - the website got 128,000 visits; - more than 12,000 invitations were sent by participants to friends.


Short list Effie awards Ukraine 2012
PROpeller digital 2013

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Kostya Ivanov senior project manager
Pavel head of interactive department